Rappelz launched the second phase expansion EPIC Part IX

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Webzen free play dark fantasy MMORPG, seal, released its latest expansion, epic Part IX 2. latest update introduced a new team a copy of the party’s support system, first-class rebalancing, it can be used in pet skills there is more to improve the game. Honestly, I do not even know the game is still running, so it must be good news to the players or the game.

Grab Cheap Tickets in the game, and the pursuit of the opening through the head, you can get on the parallel world dungeons, where Mirage and other bosses wait. Survive, you will use the new equipment, and even some new soul creatures are rewarded add to your collection.

Find new party option has been introduced, allowing players to set up a political party or a particular dungeon tasks players can search through the list to find out if a player is looking for something similar to raise objections. For your pet collectors, check out the new capabilities of pets now have the basis of their expertise.

For a complete list of additions and rebalancing entire game experience, check out the patch notes here.

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Community: HARNKEGGER game LOTRO’S LAURELIN server

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Now she took in everything. A stench like mildew and rot choked the air in the village. The Outcasts hobbled about, bodies disfigured by the curse. Everything about them was perverse in some way. Obscene. Viryx felt ill from watching them go about their lives.

I like to share large community events in progress some of our favorite free to play MMORPG game. This week, I received an email from MMOBomber Kandral, let me know in the main Lord of the Rings Online, Laurelin server is about Harnkegger games and want to share the news.

Start on August 31 through September 6th year running, Harnkegger game by the players act as LOTRO Olympics Games event. Turbine own even be awarded the prize in operations and supply activities turbine points. This year’s game will have 15 Harnkegger activities 30,000 turbine point on the line.

What kind of activities? So, how about horse racing? Turkey seemed an obvious choice, is not it? Too “vanilla” it? Maybe you want to dice game, he ran over hot coals jumping, or even a sparring match.

Last year’s event (the third such event) brought more than 300 people, and with this year’s prizes Durin’s Folk and Kin Concealment Shire Fishing Club, organizer of the event, hoping to attract more players.

Look at their website, all the events, how do you enter, the overall progress.

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Five Nights at Freddy’s 4: Release Date Update

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Everyone in the PC Gaming community has probably heard of Five Nights at Freddy’s. It’s the greatest Pizzeria based horror game to hit the indie market— it’s the only Pizzeria based horror game to hit the indie market in a while. Because of its fantastic storytelling capability and straightforward flow, this game achieved a cult following. It quickly rose to the top of the charts as Let’s Players, Reviewers, and Youtubers dug into the world of Fazbear’s Pizza and tried to put together the storyline first.

The Game Theorists have a series of videos dedicated to experiencing the story in a comprehensive way, and unraveling the mysteries behind the horrific events of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. Markiplier has played through every iteration of the franchise imaginable for hilarious results, and Razzbowski has all the latest news for Five Nights at Freddy’s.

That news includes a special message from Scott Cowthon himself, promising a release date of August 8th, the one year anniversary for the franchise. The message also promises a special Halloween update to keep fans pumped up.


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Conflict between capsuleers in wormhole space is not exactly an infrequent occurrence. The pirates and marauders that inhabit unknown space are dangerous and bloodthirsty individuals who fight and kill friends and foes alike on a daily basis. Many capsuleers are forcibly ejected from Unknown Space if they are unwilling to fight or if their actions prove toxic to the capsuleer community within J-Space.

The Dark Space Initiative (TDSIN) is one of the many corps who actively take up arms against other capsuleers and in many cases they have been known to bring capital ships in order to overwhelm their enemies.

Late last month, Lazerhawks began efforts to counter these tactics by moving Dreadnaughts of their own into J142528, the home system of TDSIN. The idea was to warp them into deadspace pockets where they would wait to ambush the inevitable TDSIN capitals. Unfortunately, one Lazerhawks pilot made a critical error and accidentally warped out from his pocket resulting in the destruction of his Moros class Dreadnaught by TDSIN. No alerted to the ambush scheme, a number of TDSIN members posted boastful statements to a number of public forums. Taking the comments as a personal affront, Lazerhawks began to reconsider the tools at their disposal.

“We’ve had a pretty long standing grudge with TDSIN, possibly going as far back as Lead Farmers” stated Hidden Fremen, CEO of Lazerhawks. “The grudge was born out of perception, of course, as we don’t really know what the corp cultures were within each entity; we can only go off of our voyeuristic nature (cloaked scouts in their systems) and occasional encounters. We always accused TDSIN of not fighting us, but Lazerhawks are very aggressive, and we expect other corps to have the same attitude, which just isn’t a reality.”

On the 24th of April, YC 117 at approximately 23:00, a portal to J142528 opened and was discovered by Lazerhawk scanners. Lazerhawks moved into the system with their capital fleet, along with sub capital support. After four engagements throughout the night, TDSIN had been decimated and many of their pilots had been pod-killed out of the system.

Though both CEOs stated they wanted the battle to remain between them, several outside corporations began to arrive in system all aligned with one side or the other. When questioned on this, ExookiZ, CEO of The Dark Space Initiative stated “Who “broke” that agreement is up for debate, and in my opinion ultimately irrelevant. I had people on standby, waiting to see if it escalated, but some people took it upon themselves to come and help.” With Dropbears Anonymous facilitating returning pilots and a few allies from Pandemic Legion arriving in capitals of their own, Lazerhawks called on the assistance of Quantum Explosion and Hard Knocks inc., with Sleeper Social Club waiting on standby as well.

With towers rapidly coming out of reinforcement, time was very quickly running out for the wounded TDSIN as their capitals began to stir. Just as yet another tower sunk, TDSIN and their allies landed on top of the sieging Lazerhawks capital force. TDSIN arrived with 36 capital sized ships, vastly outnumbering the 23 Lazerhawks capitals on field. Despite outnumbering and completely destroying the enemy capital force, TDSIN was ultimately overwhelmed by the sub capital presence of Lazerhawks, QEX and Hard Knocks inc.

Though nearly every engagement, save the final capital brawl, had been decisively won by Lazerhawks, the invaders were ultimately repelled and retreated without the presence of their capital ships.

“We saw a challenge in evicting TDSIN,” stated Hidden Fremen, “and we took it. This wasn’t what we had in mind, but I couldn’t be happier at the turnout. It was an impressive slugfest.” J142528 remains under the control of The Dark Space initiative and whether or not Lazerhawks plan to return remains to be seen.

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Fancy Armour

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After heading off to Paul’s place to check out his smeltery set up, I went back to my own and adjusted mine a bit. Works like a dream. I didn’t have a lot of gold but I had enough to get a few casings made, and created a lovely set of bronze armour. Much better than the leather armour I was wearing before (which I stole from bandits). I’ll need to find a better source of metals in order to make some tools (I need casings) but I’m looking forward to it. I also need to make some iron blocks in order to make a tool forge, one of the machines I left off of my list (didn’t have the iron). In the mean time I can easily use the Nexus to get to Paul’s smeltery and use that one instead.

I haven’t created a method of recycling the molten metals back into the smeltery but that will be next on my list of things to do. I may also look into automating the system, but it feels a bit out of my league.

Speaking of out of my league, I went and checked out the power plant that Paul and Joel have created. Wow. That thing is insane.

I also want to do more exploring. Especially now that I’m all set up with armor and weapons. I plan on creating a second set of gear to keep in my chest (backups are always important) and going wandering once I have some free time. Hopefully I find some great spoils to take home! I get the urge to wander quite frequently, as much as I love my castle sometimes I just want to see what’s out there.

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No House? No Problem.

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Even a few weeks into the game, on Naima (my server of choice) finding 16×16 plots, or larger, is still difficult. That being said, I have spotted a LOT of 8×8 plots, so I imagine that with time and a bit of luck, maybe the larger ones will open up.

In the meantime all is not lost! I decided to give up the hunt for a 16×16 plot for a while, and found a solution that works great. I decided since my alt is a tailor, and I’m constantly running to machines / mailboxes, I would buy a design for a private loom (your alts can also access it). The design was 30 gold, so I used cash instead of gilda, as I’m still saving those up for a future project. The materials to build this were far cheaper than what I would have needed for a house, requiring only 1 fabric pack and one stone pack. Done and done. The best part? You can place housing items on these lots. Behind my loom is a storage chest (you can have two of them), and a mailbox out front. With my farm close by, there’s no real need to have a 16×16 house taking up real-estate. The only down side is the fact that these small gazebo-esc homes don’t come equipped with a fireplace to port ‘home’ to, so you may want to build relatively close to one or have a friend close by who has a fire you can create the port to.

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Steam’s hardware offerings can now be pre-ordered

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If you’re fairly confident that you won’t be able to live without a gamepad that looks a bit like the face of an owl, it may be time to pre-order a Steam controller.

Today, Valve has announced that people are able to do just that; opening up pre-orders for the controller, streaming Steam link device, and some of the third-party Steam Machines as well.

The Steam wireless controller, of course, is aiming to serve as both a traditional gamepad and pseudo mouse-and-keyboard option (perhaps in situations where setting up mouse and keys is less viable.) It should also mean that games without official controller support on Steam now have a viable pad option. As the controller’s store blurb says, “The Steam Controller lets you play your entire collection of Steam games on your TV—even the ones designed without controller support in mind.”

That same store page also notes that a limited amount of controllers will be shipped out early, on 16 October, to those who pre-order (at $50.) The official launch date is a few weeks later, in November 2015.

Here’s a controller-centric trailer put together by Valve to try to win you over.

The central Steam store hardware page is also the place to find pre-order links to the Steam Link (a streaming box that you hook up to your home network in order to stream games from a powerful PC to a nearby television,) and a couple of Steam Machines.

As with the controller, a limited number of Steam Link pre-orders will be sent out early, in mid-October. It’s the same price too: $50.


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EA shows off five minutes of Star Wars: Battlefront

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A full five minutes of Star Wars: Battlefront gameplay have been shown at EA’s E3 2015 conference.

The footage is a little bit nebulous, because rather than saying “Yes, this is the Battle of Hoth”, all details are that this is inspired by the Battle of Hoth. I guess it’s another battle where the Empire assault a Rebel base on an ice planet, with AT-AT walkers making a crater-sized impact on the battle. Still, if there’s a more iconic land battle in Star Wars than the Battle of Hoth, I don’t know what it is. If you’re going to be “inspired” by one and use it to showcase your new game, then that’s probably the battle to choose.

Perhaps it’s more that Luke Skywalker is wearing his Return of the Jedi outfit and using the green lightsaber that he hadn’t built yet, so it’s NOT CANON and therefore they can’t call it the Battle of Hoth? No idea!

Taking my nerd hat off for a moment and moving away from nitpicking: Star Wars: Battlefront looks very Battlefield, but with a much faster, more arcade-y pace. There are jetpacks, tow cables, and orbital strikes. There’s Darth Vader. There’s an awful lot of decent battle chatter. I quite like what I’ve seen here.

You can see the video for yourself below, although bear in mind it was recorded on the PS4 version of the game. Star Wars: Battlefront is due out on 17 November.

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New Skills in runescape 3

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Mod Mark confirmed in a recent interview that Jagex does have plans to release two new skills into RuneScape. One would be a gathering skill like mining and woodcutting and one would be a production skill such as crafting. The first of which, Divination, will be released this summer and it will apparently play a key role in the latter stages of gaining runescape gold in Runescape 3’s story.

“Most excitingly for me, we revealed the name of the new skill today, and the name of that skill is Divination. So it’s gonna involve the power of the gods, but just how that works? Well, you’ll have to wait and see”, said Mod Mark.

Players owing runescape accounts for sale assumes that this is going to be the first skill, which we know will be gathering-focused in one way or another. Divination actually has a branch that focuses purely on this, which is called dowsing. It is a type of divination employed in order to locate ground water, buried metals or ores, gemstones, oil, gravesites, and many other objects and materials, as well as so-called currents of earth radiation, without using scientific apparatus.

It might be helpful if you have to uncover things with lore behind them, and they can be used to enhance your performance skill or training combat. I say this because at sometime throughout this year they are supposed to add more to the ‘pocket’ slot which is currently only used by scrimshaws.

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God Emissaries – the Lore Update Coming to RuneScape

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Are you one of the fans of the wonderful game RuneScape? Then you may look forward to the updates of the game. Every time when the Jagex studio wants to release updates in the game, it will get a survey or poll in RS players. Now the good news for RS players is that the God Emissaries will be open for both the free players and members. It is really a fantastic update for lore friends in May because you can not only know more about the RS gods but also earn rewards for your runescape accounts. I guess there are some game players cheering for that now.

God Emissaries are a group of people and each of them devoted to a different god, who attempts to convert citizens of Gielinor to their religion as well. Players will be able to show their alignment to the god of their choice by wielding a banner and perform tasks for rewards including experience, titles, upgrades for the banner and a level 60 hybrid helm.

“I cannot wait for the god emissaries! I love how who we choose changes the way gameplay is. Also the next BTS video for the new Ranged slayer dungeon is going to be epic. Back to back great updates thank you Jagex!”, said one player.

If you are a player of runescape like me and also have many good memories with the game, I hope you not to sell runescape accounts and still play the game. Love life and love the RS. Hope you all can have a good day.

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