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Yaron unlimited steam come next month

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World of WarCraft: Arthas: Rise of the Lich King “No,” Arthas whispered, and struggled to his feet. The world went black around the edges and he almost lost consciousness again, but through sheer will hung on. Slowly, he made his way to the panicked animal, struggling against the pain and the driving wind and snow that threatened to knock him over.

Code Club and plug-in Digital recently announced that Yaron unlimited, so-called “sandbox next to Yaron fantasy”, will arrive in steam October 21, 2015 This version will allow players to play the game locally on your computer and even dedicated server host itself.

Yaron is almost unlimited network game engine and Steam integration, creating for new players to experience a complete copy of the universe Yaron easier way.

Beginning of the game have two modes: adventure and innovation. Adventure version is a predefined world, some of the Warring States coexist, where you will need to find a way to become Valrei on the Moon God, and creative version is not developed maps.

In both modes, players will be able to become a game administrator can instantly create a project, summoned creatures, build and terraform faster to create the best experience for your own server. They will also be able to copy an existing model and customize or adjust its properties, such as the maximum number of initial skill level, skill gain rate, biological, and so similar servers can connect to eachother to create large persisten clusters.

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The fate of the captured king PlayStation record broken

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It was starting to snow again now, not the soft fat flakes that drifted lazily down but small, hard crystals that stung. Arthas frowned and pressed on. A little farther, then he would turn back, he told himself. He might even stop at the Balnir farm. It had been a while since he had been there; Jorum and Jarim would likely be interested to see the magnificent horse that the gawky little colt had grown into.

Bungie and Activision, Inc. today announced that fate: the king has taken beyond all expectations, and breaking the maximum number of downloads a day, a game in PlayStation’s history. Set for the most total and peak concurrent online players a new high, surpassing the historic September largest video game launch set and the fate of the debut record.

“Fate: The King is captured in the days of one of the official history of PlayStation, and concurrent players and a peak-day online both sides shared the fate of a new benchmark for the most downloads games, so it is safe to say fate Franchising continues to gain momentum. With our excellent partners in Bungie, we can not wait to watch the community continues to grow and respond to attacks on the king’s fall on Friday kicked. ”
Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing
For players yet to experience the fate of the immersive experience of the new version of Legend is now available, including the original two DLC wolf, following the darkness and the House, and also includes new extensions king captured.

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Rappelz launched the second phase expansion EPIC Part IX

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Webzen free play dark fantasy MMORPG, seal, released its latest expansion, epic Part IX 2. latest update introduced a new team a copy of the party’s support system, first-class rebalancing, it can be used in pet skills there is more to improve the game. Honestly, I do not even know the game is still running, so it must be good news to the players or the game.

Grab Cheap Tickets in the game, and the pursuit of the opening through the head, you can get on the parallel world dungeons, where Mirage and other bosses wait. Survive, you will use the new equipment, and even some new soul creatures are rewarded add to your collection.

Find new party option has been introduced, allowing players to set up a political party or a particular dungeon tasks players can search through the list to find out if a player is looking for something similar to raise objections. For your pet collectors, check out the new capabilities of pets now have the basis of their expertise.

For a complete list of additions and rebalancing entire game experience, check out the patch notes here.

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Community: HARNKEGGER game LOTRO’S LAURELIN server

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Now she took in everything. A stench like mildew and rot choked the air in the village. The Outcasts hobbled about, bodies disfigured by the curse. Everything about them was perverse in some way. Obscene. Viryx felt ill from watching them go about their lives.

I like to share large community events in progress some of our favorite free to play MMORPG game. This week, I received an email from MMOBomber Kandral, let me know in the main Lord of the Rings Online, Laurelin server is about Harnkegger games and want to share the news.

Start on August 31 through September 6th year running, Harnkegger game by the players act as LOTRO Olympics Games event. Turbine own even be awarded the prize in operations and supply activities turbine points. This year’s game will have 15 Harnkegger activities 30,000 turbine point on the line.

What kind of activities? So, how about horse racing? Turkey seemed an obvious choice, is not it? Too “vanilla” it? Maybe you want to dice game, he ran over hot coals jumping, or even a sparring match.

Last year’s event (the third such event) brought more than 300 people, and with this year’s prizes Durin’s Folk and Kin Concealment Shire Fishing Club, organizer of the event, hoping to attract more players.

Look at their website, all the events, how do you enter, the overall progress.

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Will Fantasy MMOs Always Dominate?

Posted by on Aug 28, 2015 in Games Update | 0 comments

On the surface, gamers have a lot of choices to make when deciding which one of the many mmo games on the market today that they want to play. However, when one looks a bit deeper, that choice becomes somewhat of an illusion. The truth is that the vast majority of online games are fantasy in nature. Fantasy mmos have dominated online gaming since its inception, and it looks like that domination shows no signs of abating. Will this always be true? Will fantasy mmos always dominate?

There are several genres found in mmo games, such as fantasy, sci-fi, horror, superhero, and real world action. There are a number of popular sci-fi mmo games that players enjoy, but their popularity is totally eclipsed by fantasy tittles. Horror has just a few examples, as does superhero games. Real world action has surged a bit recently with the increased popularity of games like World of Tanks and other shooters. Still, fantasy mmorpgs rule supreme.

Even when the number of online gamers was much smaller, fantasy mmos ruled the roost. Early titles like Ultima Online and EverQuest had huge market shares. As the popularity of online gaming exploded, World of Warcraft appeared on the scene and became not only the standard bearer for mmo gaming, but also the gateway for non-gamers to enter the online gaming world. While WoW has dropped in popularity, that does not mean that fantasy mmos have declined. Just look at some of the big moba games that are leading the charge now. League of Legends is the number one game in the world, and it’s a fantasy-based game. The same is true for Dota 2 and SMITE.

So why is fantasy so dominant in the world of mmo games? There are several reasons for this. The first is that every person is exposed to fantasy at an early age, and this exposure continues as we get an education. The myths and legends that permeate our culture are a form of fantasy. Reading about the labors of Hercules and the squabbles between the various gods (Greek, Roman, or Viking) are part of a solid education, but it also makes us quite receptive to such fantastical concepts. Players who battle one another in SMITE do so in the guise of a powerful god from antiquity.

Another factor in the dominance of fantasy mmorpg games is the sheer domination of fantasy in literature. It is true that sci-fi has the stronger hand at the movies (Star Wars and Star Trek), but just look at the amazing volume of fantasy books that gamers and geeks devour every year. Every person at least knows about The Lord of the Rings books by J.R.R. Tolkien. Then there are other classics like Conan the Barbarian and The Sword of Shannara series. Of course, one cannot forget about the Harry Potter books, which are as fantastical as they come. This fact that fantasy rules the book store has also carried over to pen-and-paper roleplaying games. Many of the current mmo developers got their first taste of gaming by sitting around and playing Dungeons and Dragons. The biggest pen-and-paper rpgs were fantasy-based, and tabletop games have had a huge impact upon online games. Heck, even a card game like Magic: The Gathering is fantasy-based.

Lastly, the basic nature of fantasy lends itself to domination in the online arena. Fantasy is all about possibility and wonder, and fantasy does not have to adhere to logic or scientific fact. In a fantasy mmo like TERA, one does not wonder about the rationale on how the undead come to be functional in the game’s setting. The reason why the undead are prowling a graveyard looking for victims is because they’ve been animated by magic. The effect of elves being immortal in Lord of the Rings Online has no impact upon the in-game ecosystem. Wouldn’t a race of immortal beings eventually overwhelm the resources of a land? Could a person from a mortal race (men) actually understand the thought process of one who lives for eons? Who cares! As gamers and lovers of fantasy, all we care about is that elves are damn cool.

Overall, I think that fantasy mmo games will continue to dominate for a long time to come. We’ve been steeped in fantasy our entire lives, whether it was reading Beowulf in school or having our parents read us Mother Goose or Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Literature and tabletop gaming are heavily dominated by fantasy, and those pastimes have massively influenced online gaming and us gamers. Lastly, fantasy translates incredibly well into an online setting. As fantasy encompasses magic and possibility, the potential for fantasy-based gaming worlds is almost endless. The key aspect of most fantasy is that of the mighty hero who stands alone against the darkness. It is the fact that fantasy allows us to become a powerful and heroic individual is another primary reason why fantasy mmos dominate now and will continue to do so.

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Star Trek Online Time in a Bottle Review

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Time has literally become the essence of the ongoing Iconian invasion in Star Trek Online. So far, the alliance of Romulans, Klingons, and the Federation has had their share of setbacks against the invading forces, but things may be beginning to turn. The latest featured episode, Time in a Bottle, for the online rpg may serve as the catalyst for the turning point in the ongoing conflict. Will a blow finally be dealt against the Iconians? Find out in our Star Trek Online Time in a Bottle review.

The STO Time in a Bottle episode begins with the player sent out to discover more about the Krenim, a race that may have been rendered extinct by the Vaadwaur, who have worked hard to keep anything developed by the Krenim out of the hands of the alliance. Now a Ferengi trader by the name of Qwen has said that he has a Krenim artifact in his possession and is willing to sell it. The player is then tasked with heading out to Drozana Station and buying the artifact. Of course, things don’t go as smoothly as planned.

Star Trek Online Krenim base

Once aboard the station, the player finds out that another Ferengi is currently purchasing the Krenim artifact from Qwen. To stop the sale, the player has to get by the Orion receptionist who is guarding the door. This leads to an interesting, and somewhat humorous, exchange as the player can take several different approaches to convince the receptionist to help out. The use of dialogue to further a plot point is one of the strengths of this free mmo and keeps in line with the overall theme of Star Trek where diplomacy and negotiation can win the day.

Once the player gets past the receptionist, a fight breaks out as the Ferengi trying to purchase the artifact resorts to violence in order to keep it and drive away the player. Once the fight is over, Nog enters the room and throws his weight around as the son of the Grand Nagus. Qwen reveals where he got the artifact and then the player and Nog scan the device to figure it out. What is revealed is that the device appears to have something to do with temporal manipulation, so it is decided to travel to the Kyana system to find out more as that was where the Krenim were last reported to have existed. I must point out that it’s always great to have the actor that portrayed a character on one of the TV shows reprise that character for Star Trek Online. Hearing Aron Eisenberg as Nog really does help immerse a player into the STO universe. Plus, it was a hoot hearing the bit where he forces Qwen to kiss his staff of office, being the son of the Grand Nagus.

Once in the Kyana system, the player and Nog quickly dispatch a Vaadwaur ship that is patrolling the area. After some further investigating, the player scans both a wreck floating in an asteroid debris field and a nearby moon. Before the player can beam down to the moon, an Iconian Herald ship approaches, which leads to another quick space battle. Once the player is victorious, the player’s away team and Nog beam down to the moon. Further scanning shows that energies associated with temporal activity are very strong on the moon. More Herald ships approach and Iconians begin to appear on the moon. The player has to protect Nog as he believes that he has figured out how to activate the Krenim artifact. This fight gets pretty hairy at times as the player finds himself being attacked on several fronts. During the fight, Nog disappears along with the artifact. After the player fights on for a bit, a huge base suddenly appears around the player that is full of people, as well as Nog, and the Iconians seem to become ghostly figures.

Star Trek Online Iconians

This is where the Star Trek Online Time in a Bottle episode got really interesting. It turns out that there is a small outpost of Krenim still alive, but they use temporal manipulation to pull themselves into a separate stream of time. Remaining hidden is their only means of survival as their race is almost extinct. The Krenim are willing to help if the players prove themselves. At this point, the player travels around the base and helps out with repairs. Each of the Krenim individuals provide more background on their race and how they came to be able to manipulate time. The player also learns that they have plans in their possession for a ship that is designed to travel through time to alter the course of history, but they do not have the resources to create such a ship. I have to say that this part of the episode is incredibly cool and is extremely well designed. I love that you can see the Iconians walking around the base as ghostly wraiths. It’s quite an eerie spectacle.

We do learn more about the Iconians during this episode. Once the player has helped repair the Krenim base, a meeting of Iconian Heralds occurs on the moon’s surface, and the player is able to watch without being detected. Some of the Iconians are urging more caution in their conquest attempts while others are more aggressive. It also appears that the Iconians are stronger when bonded together, as is suggested by this dialogue, “The attack on Iconia broke our unity. We were divided. Diminished. Weak. The Other saved us from oblivion, but it took centuries to rebuild our bonds. We cannot risk more loss.” There are some interesting tidbits on their background found in their conference. Who is the Other? Will killing one diminish the power of the others? I think that we’ll likely find out more in the succeeding episodes. At the conclusion of this episode, the Krenim give the players the plans to the time ship.

So what is the final verdict in our Star Trek Online Time in a Bottle review? I have to give it a thumbs-up. I enjoyed it as there was very little time wasted during it, and some more plot points were introduced. The one knock I would say against it is that it’s quite a bit shorter than most of the other episodes, clocking in at under an hour. Of course, that also means that you can replay it quite a few times quite quickly. The initial rewards are quite nice with the Ferengi duty officer and the dopey-looking Ferengi dance emote. I am really enjoying the story that has been played out this season. I wish more mmo games would take note on how regular new content that is tied together can really enhance playing a game.

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Earlier this week, news of Funcom’s dwindling financial fortunes kind of depressed me. And judging by our comments, it depressed a number of you, too. I’ve greatly enjoyed the firm’s MMOs over the years, from my days covering Age of Conan on Massively-that-was to more recent dabblings in The Secret World and all the way back to the early 2000s when I was cutting my genre teeth on Anarchy Online.

What about you, MOP readers and Funcom fans? What’s your favorite Funcom MMO? Vote after the cut!


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While Microsoft may be the big cheese when it comes to operating systems and worldwide domination, for whatever reason the company has the absolute worst of luck (or worst of decision makers) when it comes to MMOs. Microsoft Game Studios has proven remarkably skittish when it approached the swimming pool of online RPGs, choosing to dip a toe into the water, give a frightened scream, and run away without taking the dive.

True Fantasy Live Online had a bumpy ride with the studio, Marvel Universe Online circled the drain faster than my morning shower, and the less said about its relationship with Vanguard’s development, the better. But there was yet another aborted project that Microsoft jumped into — and then back out of — between 2003 and 2004. In my opinion, out of all of these games it was the one the company should have stuck out to completion.

I remember when Microsoft first announced Mythica, because I thought “This is gonna be cool!” Vikings, Norse mythology, gods made flesh, and a big-name studio funding limitless adventures. In the pre-World of Warcraft era, the field was wide open for a company to come up and rival Sony Online Entertainment for the crown, so why not this one? But… cold water, skittish toes, and another MMO kicked the bucket before it saw the light of its first day.
If someone asks you if you’re a god, you say YES!
No matter how similar MMOs may be to each other, each one needs a hook that devs and marketers can dangle to capture the imaginations of gamers. Whether it be a fourth pillar, dynamic events, “bears bears bears,” or little glowy exclamation marks over questgivers’ heads, there’s got to be something that a game studio can point to and say “We’re doing this different and/or better than everyone else.” With Mythica, the hook was “Make the players gods.”

Actually, in the game concept you weren’t a god yet; you were merely applying to the Norse pantheon of gods to become one. Sort of like pledging for frat week, only with bigger spanking paddles. As the game began, you assumed the role of a dead guy or gal — yup, you read that right — who discovers that you are one of the immortal heroes of legend and might as well shoot for godhood while in the neighborhood. In Norse mythology, this meant only one thing: battles, and lots of them. Sounds perfect for an MMO, eh? It helped that as a god-in-training, your powers would automatically be far above the standard rat’s arsenal.

Microsoft announced Mythica on April 25th, 2003, promising that this would be the title that successfully merged the best of single-player and multiplayer RPGs into one righteous package. Executive producer Matt Wilson uttered words that many MMO devs have repeated in various ways ever since:

“Mythica is a delicate balance between a massively multiplayer game with mechanics, depth, and socialization expected by veteran online gamers, as well as the intimacy and self-determination of a single-player adventure. In our game, players truly feel like they’re center stage in their own adventure.”

For a private realm, call 1-900-MYTHICA
Microsoft’s claim that it could sate both the single-player and multiplayer crowds came from the development of what it called “private realms technology.” It’s a little fuzzy how this would’ve worked out in practice, but the idea sounded a little like what we know as “phasing” today. Each day, players would get to choose whether they wanted to adventure in an open world setting or in personalized realms that would change the game according to their deeds.

In private realms, what you or your small group of friends did would have a lasting impact on the game world — as long as you were in that version of the game, that is. It was meant to foster each player’s sense of individual accomplishment and heroism, although it’s unclear how cutting the game into two distinct halves would’ve worked over the long term.

Studio manager Adam Waalkes was of the opinion that this would be the best of both worlds: “When playing Mythica, players will feel like genuine Norse heroes on a personalized journey unique to them. Through Mythica, Microsoft Game Studios will revitalize the massively multiplayer genre by putting the focus where it belongs: on gameplay.”

The Mythica hype grew big enough to even draw the interest of Hollywood, which made some noise about possibly optioning a movie from the franchise. Kind of odd considering that the game had yet to be fully made, but there you go.

The one-two punch
I was hardly the only person who was enthralled by the prospect of Mythica, as a fan base quickly formed for the title. Unfortunately, its run as an MMO-in-development would go from exciting reveal to D.O.A. in less than a year.

The first blow against the title was from a rival MMO company, Mythic Entertainment, which sued Microsoft for name infringement in December of 2003 (guess there goes my plans to make World of Warcrafta). The companies eventually settled and Microsoft agreed not to use “Mythica” or any variation thereof in the future.

But names? Names are changed all the time — no biggie, right? While I’d agree with that, it may have soured Microsoft on the project as it “reevaluated” its MMO lineup in early 2004. No matter how promising Mythica looked to fans, the accountants landed the second and final blow by determining that the project was simply too big of a financial risk for the company.

The message that Mythica was cancelled came down from the top in February 2004, months before True Fantasy Live Online would receive a similar death warrant. Chris Lye (later of ArenaNet) was one of the mouthpieces that the company used to deliver the news when he said, “Microsoft Game Studios looked at the portfolio of current and future MMORPG projects and decided that, rather than spreading ourselves over multiple MMORPG projects, it was better to streamline the catalog.”

Streamline it did, all the way down to nothing. But we can keep the memories of Mythica alive by speculating what may have been. What if Microsoft followed through and Mythica made it to launch in 2004? Like any other title that year, it would’ve come up against WoW and had to deal with living in the shadow of that phenomenon. However, let’s not forget that Microsoft had deep pockets and a (then) strong desire to make a name for itself in the MMO industry. Mythica may not have been the super smash hit of 2004, but it certainly could have been a strong contender for the second-biggest title of the year.

As it is, Mythica is but an interesting and faded footnote in an industry that’s long since passed its remains by. However, some of its concepts — of player godhood, personal servers, NPC followers — are emerging in more recent titles, so maybe one or two developers were intrigued enough to remember Mythica’s concept. Or maybe it’s just a fun coincidence.

Believe it or not, MMOs did exist prior to World of Warcraft! Every two weeks, The Game Archaeologist looks back at classic online games and their history to learn a thing or two about where the industry came from… and where it might be heading.


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China gets World of Warcraft’s Cataclysm expansion next month

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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, the latest expansion pack for Activision-Blizzard’s online role-playing game, will finally be released in China on July 12.

Video game launches have become like premieres of Hollywood blockbusters, both in the dollars consumer spend and the time they devote to the product. Cataclysm sold well when it first launched, even though Activision-Blizzard’s first person shooter blockbuster hit Call of Duty Black Ops came out at around the same time and brought in $1 billion in a month. World of Warcraft’s third expansion generated an estimated $188 million in retail sales in its first month.

That means Activision-Blizzard might be due for another huge payday when it releases World of Warcraft: Cataclysm in China. That country accounts for a large chunk of Activision-Blizzard’s 11.4 million subscribers to World of Warcraft. In 2009, the country accounted for around 4 million monthly subscribers to World of Warcraft.

Activision-Blizzard sold more than 4.7 million units of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm in the first month after it was released. On the first day, Cataclysm’s sales topped 3.3 million sold. By comparison,World of Warcraft’s previous expansion pack Wrath of the Lich King sold 2.8 million units on its first day in 2008 and The Burning Crusade sold 2.4 million units on its first day in 2007.

Activision-Blizzard waits to release its expansion packs for World of Warcraft in China because they have to meet strict standards set by China’s General Administration of Press and Publication and China’s Ministry of Culture. Activision-Blizzard, for example, had to alter the models of the Forsaken — a skeletal-like race in World of Warcraft — and turn players’ corpses into gravestones instead of dead bodies.

When the game didn’t meet the standards set by China’s governmental agencies, the game was taken offline. That happened in 2009 before Activision-Blizzard was able to release its first expansion pack of the game, The Burning Crusade, in China. The regulators said that NetEase, which operates the game in China, must stop charging players and cease accepting any new registrations for “gross violations” of Chinese law.

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NetDragon Websoft brings storied free-to-play game Conquer Online to iPad

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Conquer Online iPadConquer Online, one of the oldest free-to-play online games in existence, has migrated to the iPad as of today. It might not be the first massively multiplayer game to make its way to the App Store, but it is certainly one of the most recognizable, having been online since 2003. With over 10 million registered accounts, the game has a big following.

Unlike most of the more recent F2P MMO offerings, Conquer Online is a 2.5D MMORPG, meaning the perspective is more akin to Diablo than World of Warcraft. Considering the age of this game, many of the current tropes of MMOs remain firmly planted in the core of Conquer. There are six classes: Monk, Ninja, Archer, Taoist, Trojan and Warrior, all with unique attributes and skills.

Although the dated graphics might scare away those coming off the high of Infinity Blade II, the simplicity of Conquer Online is one of its greatest charms. Level progression is quick and easy, loot constantly covers the screen, and everyone is always in danger of the open player-versus-player fighting, one of the features the game hinges on. That’s right, anywhere outside of the towns is fair game, so it’s up to each player to decide if the rewards outweigh the risks when attacking passersby.

Other MMO staples such as mounts, improving equipment, and player housing make appearances as well. Social groups are abundant, including both Clans and Guilds for players to create and join. Marriage is also an option for the RP-centric gamers. There’s even a full-fledged game of Texas Hold’em Poker available in-game. Once players reach level 120, a feat that should take several dozens hours, a “new game plus”-type option called Rebirth. Rebirth starts players back from square one with a stronger starting character than before, able to replay through the entire game again.

The reaction has not been entirely positive thus far in terms of optimization for the iPad, as seen in the review from 148apps, stating that “[w]hile Conquer Online needs work doing to it to make it more user friendly for iPad owners, the groundwork is there.” On the other side of the spectrum, MMOGames lauds the very same control scheme, praising its simple click-to-attack gameplay as appropriate for a casual mobile title. It will be interesting to see how reactions pan out over the coming days and weeks as players further explore the port’s mechanics and changes. Until then, the game is currently free on the App Store.

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